Assalamualaikum...! Hello there. Welcome to Yati and Stitch! ^_^

I sell crocheted, knitted and felt crafts products. Everything here is handmade with love.

Every item here is available with 1 stock, unless stated otherwise, which is sold-out. However, I do accept order if the item is out of stock. You can email me at yatistitch@gmail.com

I started selling my handmade since 2008. I am a part time crafter and registered with SSM with company registration number 001764340-W.

I am currently based in Lumut, Perak, Malaysia. I am a mother of 3 boys, and I do crafts on my sparetime. So please be patience with me if I took quite some time to reply email or complete your orders. I will try my best to produce beautiful and neat handmade products.

I enjoy making crafts and I hope you will find something special made by me here as gifts for your love one.

Have a great day everyone,
Owner of Yati and Stitch

Me and my eldest son